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Non emergency ambulance

"We do right day and night"

About Us

Heart To Heart Medical Transport is the #1 Non-emergency Medical Ambulance Service in Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia. Heart to Heart Medical Transport has over 20 years of combined experience. Our focus is Patient care. Our team members understand the importance of delivering the proper care. All of our paramedics and EMTs are fully licensed and certified in Georgia. We are proud to provide service to the patients of the Atlanta area, hospitals, various nursing homes, and hospices.


Finding medical transportation can be stressful; We are here to help. 

Heart to Heart Medical offers:


Dialysis Transportation

Dialysis treatment is a vital key to the patient's health. A missed or late appointment can decrease the patient's life span. At Heart to Heart Medical Transport, we are reliable, and you'll never miss a treatment due to transportation if you choose us. Talk with your social worker and mention Heart to Heart Medical Transport. 


Medical Appointments  

Medical appointments are the key to receiving proper treatment and developing a recovery plan to ensure adequate healing. A missed appointment can affect your course of treatment. Heart to Heart Medical Transport have you covered; We provide that you'll never miss an appointment due to transportation. Make Heart to Heart Medical Transport a part of your healthcare team. Give us or call or submit an online request by clicking Online Transport Request. 



The hospital system's inflow of patients increases day by day, which leads to rooms needing to be more available. Heart to Heart Medical Transport comprehends that the outflow of patients frees up rooms to ensure patients get the proper treatment. Delays in transportation only add to the problem. Heart to Heart Medical Transport can help. Give us or call or submit an online request by clicking Online Transport Request. 


Medical Standby

Safety is core for sporting events, movie production, and festival events. We have a team of fully trained and state-certified Paramedics and EMTs. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and ensuring your safety is our main priority. Get the right Healthcare team today. Call us at (678) 696-1583 or at

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